“Good designs are a treat for the eye, but great designs always initiate a dialogue!”

Designza centres on the word “design”. Studio Designza was founded by Ar. Manpreet Rekhi as on outlet to her design aspirations. Manpreet began her professional journey in the year 2003 after her graduation in Architecture from IES College of Architecture in Mumbai. She also did her  Post-Graduation programme in Project Management, Nicmar-Pune in the year 2016.  

She worked with renowned architects like Ar. Deepak Mehta and Ar. Shirish Sukhatme. She then joined K. Raheja Realty where she worked as Senior Architect for 7 years on marquee projects. 

After taking a sabbatical from work for a year, she started freelancing for residential interiors which made a headway for the next level.  She soon created recognition for her work in the interior  design niche in a couple of years. An ideology she lives by is one of “constant learning and unlearning”. As the founder at Designza, her vision is to evolve through design while exploring sustainable solutions to execute them.


Designza helps in co-creating spaces that will always initiate a dialogue. DESIGN is the medium through which you can visualise, communicate, conceptualise and translate your dreams into any residential or commercial space.

Our job is to make our clients feel as much involved in the entire project as the designers, so that their creativity and interior design ideas are constructed into an impressive outcome keeping in mind green interior concept.

At Designza, we believe in offering sustainable or green interior designing by improving the quality of life of the people utilizing the indoor space .The built in environment enables maximum efficiency while minimizing negative impacts on the environment in an aesthetic manner.


Designza is a budding interior designing firm, delivering turnkey solutions for residential interior designing.The services include:


Our turnkey design services provide integration of design, project management, and on-site execution. All interior design solutions  are customised based on client requirements. Our design and execution strategies envelop around the façade to every nook of the interior spaces with reliable project management and a sustainable approach.


An innovative way of approaching interior design wherein perfect design solutions are given for those  who would prefer to do their own shopping and installation but need a helping hand with the design. It includes mood board planning with furniture and a detailed 3D view to explain the furnishings and their sourcing .     


We enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a room or space without altering its core structure . Whether you’re moving into a new home or refreshing your existing space, we can help select color schemes, arrange furniture layouts, and curate artwork and accessories in a beautiful and personal way.


We solemnly believe in creating a better society by contributing our services towards a cause. If you are from any NGO or Not-for-profit organisation, you can always drop us a mail at manpreetrekhi@designza.in, describing your specific requirements to us. We would love to sit with you and discuss your cause as well as your needs and scope.



  • Meeting the client
  • Understanding their requirements & scope of work
  • Design inspirations


  • Concept design & presentation
  • Mood boards & design approval


  • Design working drawings
  • Final estimation & bill
  • Project timelines


  • Design consistency through site reviews
  • Coordination and project management


  • Snag list
  • Deep cleaning
  • Client feedback

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